Announcement: After our meet, moving forward

Hey Doges!

We’ve had nothing but a great week so far even though we didn’t have our Monday meeting. Instead we had it on Wednesday in order to adhere to the team’s schedule. We recently renewed DogeCash’s domain and hosting packages, so rest assured we’re staying “put.” (psst. we forgot auto renew wasn’t on)

However, while we’re just now starting from the top of the invitation sheet to complete the SignalHub beta process, we’ve taken a look at funds and need to address them. Two types of additional funding is warranted at this time, marketing and team payments.

Marketing is key at this point, but so is our hosting costs that are climbing up on us quick. Most of you are aware DogeCash is in the process of consolidating server costs, but even after new hosting quotes we still see it necessary to seek additional funding.

We’ve thrown around some figures, but we’re still unsure–but as the DogeCash team is always transparent we wanted to give you a heads up. Tomorrow, we’ll chime in again with what the figures we’re looking for.

As always, to the moon, Doges!

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