Development Update #5

Hello Doges,

Once again the DogeCash Team would like to thank everyone who has been assisting and been here since Day 1 until now. Everyone has been essential in getting us to the point we are at now. You all rock. :dogedab:

Now onto the good stuff. HERE COMES SIGNALHUB.


Beta logins are going to be sent out starting next week. A few kinks had to be worked out before we could roll out the beta start, but we have fixed that and back on track. This weekend we will be migrating the Signal Hub main server to a larger one to support much more and be ready for testing phases. After the migration this weekend the domain will become available for everyone to see with a possible counter for open beta registration time frames and the beta will have officially started when you get your logins! Whoop whoop. It has been a long road to get here, with the team changes and needs to save the world. This is one tough team.

So next week again keep an eye out for your Beta temporary logins. We will be testing and building and bug finding during the beta process. Come see what we got and help us to improve it to be what you want it to be! Whos excited? We are.

Our server migrations are almost complete. We have migrated everything but the explorers and SignalHub. So this is the final step before you guys get what you have been waiting so long for!

Get ready, get set, get some DogeCash and go!

-The DogeCash Team

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