Development Update

Hello Doges,

This is our 1st of a scheduled developmental update from within DogeCash. The team has been persistently working hard to produce results in our ecosystem, thus giving our users a robust amount of add-on services and products as well. So currently we are going over what we have lined up for you good Doges!

1. Wallet 4.0.1 was released on Wednesday July 31st. This new Minor update is still ***highly*** recommended to update as it has some sweet new additions!

– GUI Fixes
– Wallet Update Notification System
– New DNS Seeder

2. BlockBook Explorer is being forked and will be released next week on an official Domain. The BlockBook explorer gives us functionality to try and bring DogeCash to Trezor. HD Wallet compatibility will be supported in our next major update of our wallet.

As we are a PIVX fork, and in the spirit of adding to the Crypto Community we submitted the code to PIVX first. Upon review and addition we will implement it into DogeCash. Then we will subsequently send Pull Requests to the HD Wallet groups to work on DogeCash integration. Such Security!

3. SignalHub Closed Beta is COMING IN 4 WEEKS!!! We have been a little behind with some things that we needed to take care of in terms of the chain itself. But now here comes what we’ve all been waiting for! In just 4 short weeks we will start our Closed-Beta.

For the Closed-Beta we will be adding a form to our website. The link will be posted sometime next week for everyone to sign up. Make sure you sign up for this, as all Closed-Beta users will have some free time to use SignalHub when it goes live! That’s giving you access to several groups that we have set up that will be starting with us to make sure we have plenty of signals for our users to choose from.

Open-Beta registrations will start shortly after the early registration Closed-Beta users are done with the early access they get. Beta Testing optimally we would like to run for around 3 months. Time of course will be fluid as we need as many testers as possible to make sure we can have what the people want AND need. Afterwards we will be looking forward to going live with SignalHub!


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