DogeCash Development Update #2

Welcome Doges to our 2nd installment of our weekly developmental updates. We have a few exciting items to talk about!

HD Wallet is being added to our core code base. This is a BIP39/44 addition for creating a mnemonic seedphrase over a traditional password for your wallet.dat! Visit our GitHub to see this and our other progress.

In addition to HD Wallets, we have added xPubKey and xPrivKey commands as well. These keys are for all used and unused addresses your wallet will hold moving forward. The commands will get you the keys in your RPC Console.

The Team is also working on bringing a light version of BitNodes, but it will feature similar to BitcoinCash’s fork of BitNodes as seen Here. Alongside BitNodes, we are looking into BitCluster. Both of these tools will bring us more information on our network size, and different statistics. Showing us who is running what versions of wallets and how the network is spread across the globe. Bringing to us also more indepth block information to be able to go through your coins easier.

Last, but surely not least is we are going to talk about SignalHub, for those of you just tuning in SignalHub is our first of many platforms in the DogeCash ecosystem. It is a non-traditional Signal Trading platform. Traders can post/sell Signals for users to purchase/subscribe from their Traders they follow. We will be supporting select coins during the beta process, and expanding it daily throughout and until we go live. As well as support for many exchanges to bring a robust amount of choices for Signals listing and purchasing. Traders should have all they need in one place and the users will have the information they need from the good Traders! So join us for the closed-beta registration and enjoy the perks of helping us put together this platform and some extra free time when its complete! Beta SignUp.

That is it for this week. Aren’t you Doges excited to see whats next?

-The DogeCash Team

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