DogeCash Development Update #3

Hello Doges,

Much news this week. It has been a very exciting week for some good Doges. Lets jump right in.

Mobile wallets are being developed currently! We are starting with iOS for the first wallet for us to rollout. The time frames are currently iffy as there are many features to debate and their implementations. Stay tuned for some pictures coming next week!

The beauty in our community is really starting to show.

This week we have another user that is working on their own mobile wallets with DogeCash support Boom!

This wallet aims to allow people to send DogeCash to anyone, even if they do not have a wallet and the coins will be waiting for them when they do get one. While another user has actually created a paper wallet for us. It is,

It is amazing to see our community contributing to assist in the success of DogeCash. This type of collaboration is what in the future can make us a power house together.

Our BitNodes fork mentioned last week is nearly complete. We are currently working on making the frontend more Doge friendly. This should be completed by August 26th.

Our Trezor Blockbook explorer will be ready around August 23rd. A few more backend tweaks to make us happy and some front end personalization, the explorer will be ready to go!

The team is also working diligently to prepare our next major wallet update. We have added a fix for our hardware (HD) wallets. During testing it came up that a staking wallet can push out transactions by using up keys that they do not need. While we have fixed the issue pre-release, we are still informing on what we found, but no worries we have tackled that issue.

With our HD wallet addition another user has come forward and offered us to utilize their mnenomic key generation frames for our Qt wallet interface. I swear its great when we all work together. We are playing with a Daily Income Logger to implement into the wallet for our big stakers. It is in code, but not visually applied. We are looking into its best implementation there. It would take your wallets 24 hour stakes received and tally them up by the current time. Giving you an accurate 24 hour rolling income log.

This is all for this week.

DogeCash staying strong to end 2019 bullish!

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