DogeCash Ecosystem: The Proposal System, et al.

From the beginning of DogeCash, I don’t think anyone could’ve imagined how powerful the community would have or could have become. It is more powerful than ever right now and the team is truly excited to see participation. We have support in several categories, community members rising out of the woodwork taking charge, and more importantly, individuals wanting to make a positive, transparent impact in the name of charity.

When the proposal system came along, we were unaware of how the community would take to, and little did we know a multi-masternode management tool would be brought into the ecosystem. This management tool has helped masternode owners consolidate their virtual private server installs into few installs, or perhaps even one install, overtime strengthening their confidence in maintenance and operating costs.

Proposal System

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The proposal system is a governance for DogeCash coin holders. Whether proposals are accepted or denied, this sheds light to the DogeCash team among other members within the community what our tasks and missions are, and how we might be able to accomplish them (providing the proposal explains this). The proposal system enables the community to promote ideas from within to get them on the map of every member’s roadmap, not just DogeCash’s.

Unfortunately, like many new things, the proposal system is not fully utilized yet and I’m writing this to encourage more participation from members – Specifically the voting and campaigning parts. While ideas are discussed, either they are not officially proposed or if they are, very little voting takes place from masternode holders. Let’s not be discouraged from voting for or against the ideas brought by community members. Participation from both angles is what drives goals.

Don’t just propose, educate and campaign

Some of this is completely new to some people, campaigning, it can feel awkward, but it’s not. You are only educating potential voters about why your proposal is the best and that it should be voted yes. (Proposal template located here)

Effective ways to campaign are easier to execute than you think. Here is a short breakdown of an example:

Eggs: Sunny-side up v. Scrambled

  • Explanation – Firstly, coin holders must understand why this proposal exists. Is it because you feel eggs should be sunny-side up or scrambled? An introductory opinion-statement or factual assertion needs to be made. “Sunny-side up eggs are better because you get to taste the yolk and enjoy the rest of the egg. You can also dip other food into the yolk to add an eggy taste
  • Why they should side with you – Scrambled eggs are great for mixing other vegetables and other food combinations. For the perfect bacon combo, sunny-side up may be the best ever. You can’t dip food into scrambled eggs. Sunny-side up eggs can even be put into breakfast burritos and provide a different taste from scrambled, even a third taste due to the yolk splashing around.
  • How will the supply or production of Sunny-side up eggs work? – Thirdly and critically, it’s important to educate how the supply of eggs will take place, and how eggs will fall into production to create a seamless output of perfect sunny-side up eggs. It is a good idea to breakdown exact methods of how sunny-side up eggs may be produced, or even stored (not that you’d want to store them, clearly you’d want to eat them as soon as they’re finished, but I’m sure you get the idea!).
  • Frequent, positive reinforcement – It is an excellent idea to always reinforce your views and proposal. Let people know the proposal exists and your direct view on it. Always provide facts. Promote it on social feeds and in chat channels.

This is not to say your proposal will pass, but it will provide education to spectators which may lead to them becoming voters in your favor. Most of this discussion would take place in Discord under #proposal-discussion.


The DogeCash ecosystem has grown into something amazing – I cannot say it enough. Our beta testers have given the DogeCash team the ability to test new features, solve bugs and enforce stability within software and services. Our beta testers see to it that every detail is combed and vetted before an official release is made.

Signal Hub

The ecosystem is expanding more than ever. Signal Hub (follow on Twitter) is approaching and becoming reality. We had a server blimp a few days ago which set us back a couple of days leading us to deploying a fresh virtual server. Beta sign ups will soon be available. For those unfamiliar with Signal Hub, it will be a platform for trading groups alike, helping subscribers make smart decisions in the cryptocurrency markets. It will be one of DogeCash’s best platforms to exist, and yes, I’m biased. Most of Signal Hub will be for a separate post in the future.


The Explorer is packed full with information to navigate. Network statistics, payouts, staking/masternode calculator, accessible API, and proposals (via governance). Soon there will also be a way to create proposals through the Explorer, making it easier than our current method. We will still encourage members  to speak with the community before making a proposal, but it will be easier to do so once implemented.

Impact Investment

As said from the beginning, charity is our thing and we want DogeCash to have a major, transparent impact through investment. Owning a masternode does not only mean investing in yourself, but your community, your projects, random charities. We are vetting future ideas to seamlessly build a recurring donation system that has been conceptualized by DogeCash community members themselves.

The recurring donation system looks to keep the flow going by reinvestment and calculated distribution to associated projects. This will enable charities to help themselves simply by owning a masternode. It’ll give a chance to see accomplishments, not just returns. It will give a chance to focus on moving forward in a project, not necessarily how the project will be funded. Every masternode owner will be able to participate.

Owning a DogeCash Masternode means being a part of saving animals, renovating projects from the past, and thriving to be the better part of Earth.

The DogeCash team wants to thank each of you for sticking with us. Without our community we would not be where we are now. So, please, don’t hesitate to jump into the Discord server or follow DogeCash on Twitter or get involved!

To the moon!

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