DogeCash May 2021 Update

May 2021 Update

Hello Doges!

The DogeCash Team knows it has been quite some time since we have done any formal updates or postings. It has been long enough!! To say the least, a lot has occurred and all is likely for the better of DogeCash and the Community. Several topics we will be addressing in this write-up will be; Core Team additions, Ambassadoge program, possible exchange listings/incorporation, Product development, and wallet updates. So, let us jump right to it.

We have shuffled up the Core Team lineup with a few inactive removals and the addition of @Weoka to the Core Team role. Weoka is a greatly welcomed addition to the DogeCash team who brings a background in graphics, design, and web development. We are excited with what he is already doing and we know there is more good to come of it. He is already jumping into work that you guys should notice soon.

The DogeCash team is very pleased to announce the launch of our Ambassadoge Program! This is a program for excited users and community members to help grow and support their local communities for and with DogeCash. We are looking for Ambassadoge’s for any region around the world and for specific areas of focus. You can be from anywhere to apply for this position, if you have a niche that we could fit in, apply for this position! DogeCash announced earlier this week the introduction of 2 new Ambassadoge’s to kick off the program. Spectrumdogec is going to focus on charity and those with autism and other spectrum-related causes. This will help to show our commitments to Charity and doing good. Bigred is another Ambassadoge who is also assisting us with business relations in Australia and Finance. He has been helping to extend our new exchange listing chances and some marketing funding as well. We are really excited to have these new additions to the DogeCash team and excited to see how it grows. If you would like to join the Ambassadoge program, just DM any Ambassadoge or Core Team member and let us know your region you would like to represent and/or specialty!

Now, we have saved the best for last. We are finalizing our new wallet update. This update is going to bring us a whole slew of new features, bug fixes, and stability. We are a few short weeks from this release. The one thing we are waiting on before the public beta is some new hardware we ordered to ensure we are doing proper testing and bringing better quality to the DogeCash wallet. This new equipment means better testing and better releases for the community. After this, the team will be focusing on product development. To which, we are also today releasing the beta of DogeCash Tips! (name to possibly change) The DogeCash team noticed in the streaming donations arena, that any donations are usually hit with heavy fees or taxes by the services providing them. Well, with DogeCash for starters we take 0%. It is all yours. We wanted to let people get more from what people are giving them because why take 20-40%? Yeah, talking to you StreamLabs, YouTube. *leers over to the right*

We have also expanded our marketing team and efforts within DogeCash. Some of the new additions are likeweedtv, stamy, wolven, sky and Shane. They are helping to start bringing more content and activity to our socials and other markets. A big shout out to likeweedtv who has gotten us affiliate status over on! Really all these users have stepped up greatly and we would like to extend another big thank you for all the time and hard work they have and are putting in.

Finally, last but not least. The DogeCash Team wants our next exchange listing to be a mid to top-tier exchange. We are consulting with legal entities for guidance and reaching out to many exchanges for their requirements. While we have no estimate on the time for this process, we hope to achieve it sometime by the end of the year. We are looking into all costs and compliances required. To which DogeCash should also be incorporated soon as is one step of those compliances that are being asked of us with some exchanges.

We have had recently announced an Investment Fund taking an interest in DogeCash. To clarify this situation this is a new venture capital fund, they have added us to their portfolio and anything they buy is from the market as well as being held for the next 5-10 years. This is a long-term investment by them, adding to better liquidity of the market. They have a large backing in the Top 10 Market Cap coins and have decided to start a fund and support Altcoins such as DogeCash and our affiliate Simple Software Solutions ($SSS).

Such wow! Much writing. I hope this news excites all you good Doges like it does me and how writing this hurt my hand.

—The DogeCash Team

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    I need help, I am using the flits app, but don’t see any option to buy dogecash or mine it, any help how to use the app?


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