Phangan Animal Care Donation Campaign Results

Hello Doges,

In the uncertain times of today the DogeCash team has decided to say, “fuck that.” We have decided we will not lay down, roll over and play dead. We are going to #DoGood and continue pushing our visions of DogeCash, and of cryptocurrency.

The team has completed our first campaign, to which enabled us to donate 18,000 Baht to Phangan Animal Care. 2,000 Baht was used to purchase food for the animals followed by cash deposit. This is the power of crypto, to easily crowdfund, to easily bring people together in the world – To simply do better things.

Saving hundreds of dogs, cats, lizards, pretty much all animals. The money is going to help buy medication and medical procedures for these animals. It’s amazing what we can do together!

The video was produced by one of the community members, @HighTimes, and flew all the way in to help us with this project. Daniel made arrangements to shuttle and hand deliver the food and cash. Without either of them neither of this would have been possible and we would like to thank the gracious Donors!!

Come check out the final results here:


This is such a heart warming video that shows why we should not stop here! We must show this to everyone to prove why things like this matters. In such times where everyone is afraid, we need to pull together.

DogeCash is here to do that.

Come see the results 🙂

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How you can help our project to grow:

1) We appreciate all kind of mentions in social media, so feel free to share and repost our work all around.

2) We are small team, if you have any programming skills, C++ , Python , or if you are a good front end developer, take a look at our open source code, participate

3) Join our Discord server, ask questions and offer your horse power 🙂

4) We are strictly a donation based project. If you would like to help speed things up
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