Proposal: Last payout

Hello Doges,

This proposal is the last proposal the governance system will have in this regard if the new reward plan gets approved. The main purpose is to take advantage of the next superblock to pay the team members and volunteers who have been working in the past months asides from Liquid & Daniel.

This payment is destined to:

  • Luke, who has been really helpful in developing the web wallet, and also coding the new website (still ongoing work).
  • MrDraper (AKA: weedy), who has offered us a lot of help in the marketing area. As well as organizing events to increase DogCash awareness.
  • Weoka, who has helped to renew the graphic elements of DogeCash, the development of Dogelabs, and it’s currently coordinating the new website, as well as the development of some products that the community should see soon (He is also the person writing all this so will remain humble when speaking about himself!)
  • Shibetoshi, who you probably know for his iconic social images and websites. He has been helping to spread the love and the Doge values.
  • Spectrumdogec, who is keeping a great social activity and has shown great efforts to increase the awareness of DogeCash to all the autist spectrums.

Payments will be divided as follows:

  • Luke: 6700 DOGEC
  • MrDraper: 6700 DOGEC
  • Weoka: 6700 DOGEC
  • Shibetoshi: 3000 DOGEC
  • Spectrumdogec: 3000 DOGEC
Techie, backend developer, and part of the DogeCash team.

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