Proposal: New reward structure

Hello Doges,

It has been an awesome 3 years. The latest wallet update is now in the testing phases and nearing completion. We are very excited to bring this update out, but first, we must discuss the path forward.

DogeCash holds its principles and values very near and dear, and we have concluded that changes need to be made. We have discussed this topic before, and now we must act before it becomes too late.

The Team would like to present to you some new Economics for DogeCash. We talked a few times about adjusting our inflation by lowering rewards as we will hit max supply too soon. Below are some charts and data on how this new structure would look. 

You can check the plan in detail here:

We are a DAO so we do nothing without you, the community. We will make a proposal to vote on in this regard and discussions are open in the lobby.

– The DogeCash Team

Techie, backend developer, and part of the DogeCash team.

One thought on “Proposal: New reward structure”

  1. Yes lower rewards please, supply needs to be extended so that there is a ongoing attraction until further adoption.

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