Welcome, ONeZetty to the ambassadoge team!

The main purpose of the ambassadoge program is to get in touch with incredible people willing to share with us different points of view and ways of making DogeCash helpful for their communities.

And today we’re celebrating with a new ambassadoge! Say hi to ONeZetty, from Cancun, Mexico.

Zetty is a spirited community voice and a thought leader within the crypto and tech space. Zetty has many years of experience helping people, but he is most well-known for helping educate people on cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology. As a big fan of Linux and the GNU Movement, Zetty is an advocate for open source and free technology. He is recognized as a privacy advisor and digital hacktivist for the community. Zetty currently works on such projects as TQVCancun, FLISOL, Software Freedom Day, Bitcuners, PIVX and ZENZO. Finally, he loves pizza, tacos, cookies, and he is 100% lactose free.

He’ll be helping us to spread the word in the Spanish community.
You can find him on:
– Twitter: https://twitter.com/OneZetty
– DogeCash’s Discord: ONeZetty
Techie, backend developer, and part of the DogeCash team.

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