Welcome, Spectrumdogec to the ambassadors team!

Welcome spectrumdogec

The main purpose of the ambassadors program is to get in touch with incredible people willing to share with us different points of view and ways of making DogeCash helpful for their communities.

And today we’re celebrating with a new ambassador! Say hi to Mike from the Rockies.

Mike has functional autism and synesthesia; he’s a father of three, went to LCSC and Ricks College, loves to fish, hike, ride and practice martial arts.

He’s going to help us in the areas of autism and how to get the info to people who might have difficulties understanding or need extra help. He brings a new look with a fresh idea of how to do things.

You can find him on:
– Dlive: http://dlive.tv/spectrumdogec
– Twitter: https://twitter.com/spectrumdogec
– DogeCash’s Discord: spectrumdogec

Techie, backend developer, and part of the DogeCash team.

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